Saturday, September 6, 2014

10 Things about Best Friends

1. You can tell each other your dirty secrets without fearing that they will turn around and use it against you one day.

2. You share your thoughts freely, including your crush on a younger boy because you know they don’t judge.

3. No matter what, you would always be supportive of each other’s decisions, including the decision to cry running back to their ex-boyfriend, although you would first give them a lecture.

4. You never really care about who pays the bill and who owes who by how much because somehow someday, both of you would be even.

5. You miss each other presence often, because people around simply don’t understand you.

6. Even though you don’t talk to each other for days, weeks or even months as you both are busy with lives, you would always find a way back to each other.

7. You are aware of each others’ flaws (just the very minor ones like their indecisiveness and their choice of men wtf is that considered a flaw) but who cares? We are still better than everyone else! LOL.

8. Even when there are cooler people around, you would stick to each other and never let them feel left out.

9. You can go for vacation together for weeks without the urge to strangle them to death (and when you are on vacation with others you are constantly be reminded of how best friends are still your best travel partners).

10. You are certain that some day in the future you will take turns to be each other's bridesmaids. 

I love you best friends! xoxo

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