Saturday, May 3, 2014

Graduation Ceremony @ Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

That significant day that marks a new phase in my life.

A big thank you to my family who have always been my pillar of support all these while.

Parents, you have taught me well. I will not cease to make you proud.

Siblings, I still fight with them occasionally over which clothes belong to whom. But our love for each other deepens regardless.

Best friends for life who have been with me throughout my ups and downs.

Your absence does not make you any less important. I still think of you all the time :)

Uni besties, I would not have done it without you. You both have truly made my campus life worthwhile.

It might be an end to an old chapter, but we have only just begun to live.

While I step onto this path of uncertainty, I could not thank you all enough for your love and support.

| Pampered | Loved | Blessed |

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