Saturday, April 19, 2014

10 Unacceptable Facts About Being in Mid-20s

1. Meteor Garden which used to be your favourite drama was released 13 years ago. Now you simply feel slightly ashamed for having owned a F4 clock.

2. Your sister who was born in 1996 is already going to college this year. Last time you checked, she was still an annoying child who used to run around the house naked.

3. You have now come to the age your parents got married. Yet marriage is still something fearful you dare not foresee.

4. You force to keep yourself awake in the afternoon as afternoon naps have become a luxury you can't afford on week days.

5. Your biggest concerns are no longer assignments and exams but your bonus and increment.

6. You adjust your sleeping hour from 3am to 11pm. Waking up after noon time is now a past habit you have gotten rid of.

7. Your latest purchase of apparels consist of blazers and collared shirts instead of jumpsuits and floral dresses.

8. Petrol price which used to be a boring adult topic has now become one of your major burdens.

10. Your mother no longer lectures you about how being in a relationship could affect your studies. Instead, she pressures you to seek for a stable relationship as she worries that you might end up an old spinster.

Responsibilities and commitments. Who would have thought being in mid-20s could be so scary? 


HelenCC said...

so damn agree.
simple yet a good post! haha

Frydolina Fay said...

OMG..this is sooooo TRUE!!

karen22 said...

Yeah.I'm totally agree with you ,where we need to worry a lot of things in the 20's

karen22 said...

Actually,in this period also,we are starting to search for that really true friend...

Limz-ToxicWorld said...

Funny and good sharing. I think should post one too. XDXD