Thursday, November 28, 2013

Magnificent Bali - Kopi Luwak Farm and Kintamani Volcano

After a good long lunch at Bebek Tepi Sawah, we were brought up the hill at Ubud.

When in Bali, must visit Kopi Luwak farm!

Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world produced from civet’s excretion. So it’s literally shit coffee, but the most expensive of all coffee!

Somewhere on the volcano hill there was a coffee farm that produces Luwak coffee. Was excited to check out the process of coffee making and at the same time, to taste this legendary coffee myself.

Did you know that coffee beans come from coffee berries? I didn't. I thought they were just. .  beans.

Those are cocoa, not starfruits. LOL.

Fat cow grazing.

Me and the fat cow wtf.

Some alien-looking plant.

Mint leaves.

The civet cat!!!

“Watchu looking at huh?” Civet was clearly unamused.

It’s day time so its sleeping. The civet is usually active at night.

Fed this active one some banana. Teehee.

According to the host, these civets are solely for exhibition purpose. The coffee beans come from the wild civets that roam around the forest. You can’t force feed civets coffee berries as they only eat what they pick. In other words the workers of the farm have to go around hunting for their excretion. LOL.

The coffee-making process here is purely traditional. No high-tech equipment or whatsoever.

Frying the coffee beans. Not even using a stove yo! Just some woods and charcoal. Amazing.

Free coffee tasting session after the tour. We were given 9 flavours of coffee to try!

Some of them tasted quite awful. Our favourites were ginseng and coconut.

The mountain view from the place we were sitting.

No free Luwak coffee unfortunately! Paid RM15 for a tiny cup just to try it out. Still, its way cheaper than the selling price out there.

How does it taste? I can tell you that Angela and Meiyan both hated it! LOL. They gave up after one sip. I found it okay but not amazing. It’s definitely different from the usual coffee I drink. It’s way thicker and the texture is as if someone added hot water into half a cup of soil. After finishing the coffee, you will see plenty of soil-looking substance on the bottom of the cup. I suppose those are civet shit XD

Of course, they wouldn’t give us free coffee for no reason. We were brought to the sales gallery with a variety of coffee on display. Purchase is not mandatory, but of course if we don’t buy also paiseh la after all their hard work. The factory peeps are quite friendly and down to earth after all. They deserve some reward :)

Went further uphill to watch the view of Kintamani volcano. It was quite a pleasant drive as the air was fresh and cooling. Except certain part when we smelt cow dung used as fertilizers at some farm T_T

The journey was so damn worth it! The view of Kintamani volcano was breathtaking!!!

So magnificent! It’s the kind of view I would love to capture with my own eyes and store in my permanent memory.

Thank God the weather was great and the mountain was free from misty clouds hence we could enjoy such amazing view. We spent quite some time there admiring the beautiful scenery while breathing in the fresh mountain air.

Panoramic view.

The beauty of nature. They are real. They don’t only exist in postcard and computer wallpaper!

Group selca before we bid goodbye to Kintamani. 2nd day at Bali, and we were truthfully awed :)


Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Didn't you do this some time back?

Copykate said...

Kelvin: yea august. backdated post :x

Lia Wright said...

Amazing post! I have never looked this type of blog. All the pictures are so clear. I am also lover of kopi Luwak it is really have the best taste of coffee you are also looking like a doll in some pics.
Kopi Luwak

Copykate said...

Lia: aww thanks! all the photos were taken with my iphone though. no fancy camera XD