Monday, July 1, 2013

Post Exam Girls Day Out at KL City

The day after our final exam, Angela, Mei Yan and I hung out at KL city together for the first time after 3 years!!! I know right, can you believe it?? The only place we always go to is Sunway Pyramid -.- Or SS15! -.- KL is just too far and none of us had ever thought of going there together.

Ahh how I miss my long hair~

Now you see it.

Now you don’t! T_____T

Those 2 photos we taken on the same day. Within a few hours, my hair was chopped to a short bob barely at shoulder length! Click here to read my post about my make over at Shawn Cutler.

The girls went to KL first while I did my hair at Bangsar. Met up with them at Fahrenheit later on. They were shocked when they saw my hair because apparently I forgot to tell them I was cutting it that short. They thought I was just gonna trim like half XD

They said my short hair 轰动全世界! (made the whole world stunned) HAHAHAHA. Because I received tonnes of comments on FB, luckily all complimenting one lah. So glad that most of you like my new hair. Teehee.

Mei Yan is a slow shopper so Angela and I went to have coffee at Tokyo Street while waiting for her. She was hungry and wanted to eat something while I was desperately needing a cuppa. Had been drinking coffee every single day during my exam, hence I get really sleepy if I don’t drink it.

Check out Angela’s cute hair bow! ^^

I had always wanted to try this Hello Kitty coffee at Tokyo Street ever since my aunt sent me a photo of it some time last year. Found it at Komugi Café! Not just Hello Kitty coffee art but also some other cute characters. You name it, they do it!

My Hello Kitty Cappuccino cute anot!!! Okay lah a bit cacat but whatever, still cute XD

Angela's Doraemon Café Latte!

Also ordered sweet potato bun.

I had never been quite a fan of coffee art until now. Café in Malaysia should consider learning cute coffee art like this.

Selca with the coffees for a long long time. How can you drink and ruin something cute like this???

Mei Yan was done with her shopping at just one shop after 45 minutes -.- Continued window shopping a while before heading for dinner.

Silly photo. LOL. My head is senget and I looked damn ugly :(

Dinner at Santouka Hokkaido Ramen. Wanted to try Ippudo but didn’t want to queue so yea, Santouka is one of my favourite anyway.

Premium char siew with miso and shoyu soup base.

I always go for miso. Yummy!

Must order seasoned egg to go with the dish. Perfect!

It was a fun day out with the girls. Looking forward to our graduation trip to Bali in August!

Aztec knit top – Dorothy Perkins
Studded straw hat – Dorothy Perkins
Red denim – Zara
Boots – Seoul
Neverfull Mini Lin – Louis Vuitton

The Aztec knit top and studded straw hat are both sponsored by Dorothy Perkins Malaysia web store:

Yes, they have a web store for Malaysia and all prices are quoted in Ringgit! Can shop online and have your clothes delivered to your doorsteps. Free standard delivery for purchase of RM249 and above. Check it out here.

Happy shopping! xoxo


Gillian Ong said...

You look great with/without long hair. :D

Copykate said...

Gillian: aww thank you! that's so nice of you ^^

nicccchang said...

This hairstyle suit you la babe! Look young and energetic now! :3