Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little Miss Marc

It’s been more than half a month. I must be the worst blogger this year. Tsk tsk.

I was back from my 2-week-long trip from Taiwan on 25th. Bought lesser than I expected due to my overweight luggage. Now to think about it, I should have gone wit an empty one. Jeez.

Taiwan is great by the way. The weather was tolerable since it wasn’t THAT cold throughout our stay. I’m missing those days when we can simply walk on the street to get food in small quantity but a huge variety.

Back in Muar now for Chinese New Year. Won’t be back to KL until perhaps Valentine’s Day? Or maybe later than that if no one asked me out by then :(

Little Miss Marc which I stumbled upon today.


Fake one! Teehee.

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