Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas with Carlsberg

It has been days since I last blogged, and I can’t stand the sight of the ugly witch every time I scroll down! So here you go, a new post to bring it down.

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a nice one with your loves this jolly season.


I've been working while partying with Carlsberg for two nights. Today, I'm simply too sick to work. Wouldn't want to make myself collapse on Christmas day, so I had no choice but to call in sick and thank God they've found me a replacement!

That means I'll be able to have turkey for dinner tonight with Sam's family. Hopefully I won't be too sick to even taste it.

Oh, it's gonna be my first time eating turkey! Unbelievable, I haven't eaten a turkey before in 20 years of my life! LOL.

So, did anyone buy me Christmas gift? :)


sirei said...

ok, i'm waiting for the turkey post lol

bacterium said...

The one from Sam is not enough? Strange you are asking for more. Sam must need to work harder. :)

Turkey nmeat is just so-so, the most important is the filling must be awesome! If the filling sucks, then the turkey meat would sux too.

Copykate said...

sirei: was too busy eating we only took a few photos that night. lol

bacterium: one present is never enough :P and yes turkey sucks! it's the dryer version of chicken. jeez