Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Mary-Kate!

I know I’ve been missing for so long. Blame it on my AS trial exam and my pc fair job. Yea, exam ended on Monday and after 3 days of play and rest, I went all the way to JB for the job. It was a rather cool and fun experience, but we shall leave that for the next post. Teehee. Now, I have a few pre-party pics to show you. Party, as in Nuffnang Music Bash. Seriously, the event kinda disappointed me so I don’t think I’m going to blog about it. You bloggers out there have probably said things like, “Ohh it was really fun!”; “Good job Nuffnang!”, “What a great event!”. But to be honest, (no offence) it was boring X(

This was taken before I clipped my hair up for the Kate Perry shot. Heart the thick make up! LOL.

This reminds me of Mary-Kate Olsen.

So much have happened throughout these few weeks and I don’t even know where to start. Oh oh, guess what? People have been telling me that I’m skinnier now! That’s a good sign! No more flabby arms in photos, I hope. I starved myself during those few days in JB but now that I’m back, the Sushi King Bonanza started! Jeez. So much for my effort. I think I will be gaining weight after tomorrow.

IELTS test is on this Saturday! Can someone give me advice? Cause I am not prepared at all. I know it should be easy like the TOEFL I took two years ago (which is going to expire soon, which is why I have no choice but to take my IELTS!) but still, it will be good to get some tips. Guess what? I borrowed Ben’s reference book and someone actually stole it! Gawd. It cost like RM80 k! Whoever he is, he’s not going to get away from it. Oh well, I am not in the mood for cursing, so all I can say is the bastard is going to have a tough life. I might not be able to punish you, but I am certain that someone will.

Kate Perry in tutu dress.

Watch out for my upcoming PC Fair post! Very soon, I promise XD


Anonymous said...

u r a bitch. stop posting your awful pics alright. not pretty at all

Anonymous said...

I have to say you look a lot more like Leslie Mann in the last pic. The facial structure... uncanny!

Copykate said...

anon: couldn't agree better with u that imma bitch. are my ugly photos giving you sore eyes? aww too bad. because i'm gonna post up more. and more. and more. oh noooo my ugliness is giving me orgasm!

leslie mann? owh. i've seen worse.

sirei said...

maybe after sushi king, u gained weight then u look more like mary kate :D

shadowking said...

i dont think you look bad
even though i have to say that you dont really look like katty perry, but that is nothing bad

i hope you have good luck with your test
and i am looking forward to new posts of you

Benjamin Chuah said...

oh noooo my ugliness is giving me orgasm!

AHHAHAHAH LOL!! funniest reply weh XD

yah screw whoever took the ielts book :( oh well whatever i think that book was pretty useless anyway (i hoped so XD)

Copykate said...

sirei: are you kidding me? mary-kate is aneroxic!

shadowking: thanks! *doing practice tests* ohh, at least he did not say i resemble amy winehouse XD

ben: RM80 weh! X((( jackie didn't charge me for the stolen notes. teehee

Anonymous said...

Hey! Anon 2 here. I wasn't meaning the Leslie Mann thing as an insult! Sorry >.<

Copykate said...

anon2: leslie mann isn't too bad. it' okay, wouldn't take it as an insult ;)

sirei said...

sorry i get messed up XP
i thought you were saying kelly osbourne