Saturday, November 29, 2008

Conquer Emo-ness, Not

How? I am feeling emo again.

Emo emo emo.

Went to google “emo”, and the first page was Emo-Wikepedia. Try to click and check out the stereotype emo hairstyle. Long fringe brushed to one side. I think it kinda suits me. Teehee.

Nothing better to do.

Clicked on the googled image result, and this is the first image appeared:

Nice one.

Emo emo emo. So emo.

But sometime I think emo and bimbo just don’t click. When you’re a bimbo, you can’t be emo. When you’re emo, you no longer sound like a bimbo. Wtfreak? I dunno if that makes sense.

I’m unhappy but I can’t tell you why.

Sometimes things won’t get any better even if you say it out. As time passes, it’ll be forgotten, and everything is back to normal, until the next storm stirs again.

Sometimes, unhappy things all come at once. Each adds a tad bit of misery to your life, and as they compile up, it becomes a disaster and you can’t even decide which or which the worst is.

Sometimes, you just give up thinking, and persuade yourself that you shall be happy as long as you choose to be.

That is what I believe, think positive, and conquer all emo-ness!



I shall think.

Think shopping.

Think clothes.


Let me show you two photos of myself. Dear everyone, if you’re reading this, please tell me which is more like my style. It’s not that important, but I just want to know! Cause both styles are like, the totally opposite. Would very much appreciate your opinion.

1. Grandma boho

2. Young heart cutesy

Which one???

By the way, something to prove my awesome-ness:

Ha-di-hah. I left it on the dashboard for two days, and so far I haven’t got any saman. Using parking coupon is so not my style anyway.


No, that does not mean that I am not emo! I am still unhappy I tell you!

Can laughter really represent happiness? Nehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Anonymous said...

You are not emo. In addition to glorifying sadness, emos cut themselves, listen to emo punk bands (that are normally sucky), try to be punks (but fail), and look like they're more inclined towards same-sex relationships. Think Pete Wentz.

What you are going through is called adolescent turmoil. It's normal, so enjoy your bimbo moments. :)


Benjamin Chuah said...

I would go for...Grandma boho :D :D :D

Copykate said...

anonymous, owh really? thanks! so i am not emo after all. kaka.

gawd i'm still in the adolescent stage huh. LOL. good good, continue being a bimbo XD

Copykate said...

ben, grandma boho! XD i can decide which u know. i like both O.o

Anonymous said...


Copykate said...

yoei, wtfreak?

-aNnLi- said...

grandma boho, looks mature, sexy in matured way LOL...maybe tats jz my taste

Copykate said...

annli, LOL thanks! i think u're right XD