Monday, September 1, 2008

Nuffnang Sharing Session @ Italiannies

This post has been modified by someone out of dissatisfaction because he did not get to eat those delicious food yet he has to help the lazy author to post this up.

First of all, thank you Nuffnang, Italianies, Robb, Timothy and the others for the birthday surprise! (Nonono, First of all you should thank me lor ciss)

As you are all aware, Nuffnang held the first sharing session at Italianies, 1U on 24th August. For each sharing session, there would be two guest bloggers to share their experience . This time, the guest bloggers were Ringo and Cindy from MDG (Malaysian Dream Girl).

Free meal for the night =) (Cissss piss off* hmpf)

Tim giving the opening speech.

Caption: The boss and I.
Hiak hiak. Why do I look so funny in this pic? -.- (you always look funny not just this pic haha)

Me, Sherry and Zoe.

Nigel, Joshua, Me, Kel Li and David. The DGMB gang wtfreak. ^^

Cindy’s blog list. LOL tell me I’m smart! (why smart leh? @_@)

The official sharing session.

Ringo who hated Cindy throughout MDG is now her best bitch mate wtfreak.

And her advice for the future contestant was:

Don’t join!

Nicholas who asked me if I would consider joining MDG next year. Jeez. Even without Ringo’s advice, the last thing I would ever do is to take part in MDG. (Hmm..Good, 1st thing to learn in a battle "Know yourself, Know the enemy")

I don’t mean that I’m too ugly to join though, because I looked perfectly fine when I stand in between them. Teehee. (Hmm..where is that big wave of confident coming from? LOL)

And there comes the surprise! (Jeng Jeng Jeng...a red shirt waitress as a gift! Lol)

Caught laughing like a sor poh XD

So so so unexpected! =)))

My blowing skill was being tested. Obviously I passed. HAHAHAHAHAHA. (Yes, you got a good blowing skill HAHAHAHAHA LOL)

My delicious raisin pie from Italianies! With suspicious whitish sauce all over it LOL.

Hot pie and hot gay guy. Love ya Robb!



Take3 wtfreak.

Me feeding Chuan XD (Horrrrrr...)

Sherry, Zoe, Me and Sara.

Who wouldn’t want to get hugged by two pretty girls? (I also want -_-)


And the night ended with the typical bloggers-cum-camwhores way.

("huh?..thats the end ah? where is the last picture eh?" I bet that is what those reader gonna say after read this post)

Ok lah, let me end this post with your drooling all over the cake greedy cat face.

P/S : Come in peace and mean no harm and you definately do not look ugly heehee..


Simon Seow said...

wah, all the cameras pointing at you like superstar.

Copykate said...

simon, LOL yea made me self-conscious!

Copykate said...

oh hik, thanks for the extra editing. so-the-funny wtfreak XD

and mehhhh, i didn't intend to post the last pic! jeez. weird smiling expression -.-