Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Henessy Artistry @ Bkt Kiara

VIP invitation from Nuffnang.

We were late that night, so missed Pop Shuvit part X( Heard that it was far more greater than Flo Rida?

*pic credit to Joshua Ong. We got so bored of each other that we didn't even bother taking a picture together huh? LOL.

What could be better than the free flow of Henessy cocktail throughout the night?

Me, Hikaru, Yat , Desmond and Diane.

Chicks. And Thomas at the back doing-dunno-what. Teehee.

Steph looking seductive as always XD

Steph, Kate and Sue.

Jan, Kate, Amy and David.

Simon who wouldn’t stop cam-whoring.

Adeline from MDG was there too. Heck, I was looking short next to her! Can see how unhappy I was from my expression. Wtfreak.

And this is me looking pissed off lol?

Ji-ann and me.

The Fuzz gang.

I love Jen’s DSLR! ^^

See, it makes us look so fair. Teehee.

Josephine, Jen and me =)

Hikaru, me, Yat, Nicholas, Kelvin and Mike.

Hikaru, me, Nicholas, Kelvin and Jason.

How Zan red shirt and red face, gf and mini cooper in blue and sei gay lou in white XD

At the end of the party, we have people getting dragged out of the place and vomiting all over, like this:

LMAO poor fella.

Wait a minute. . .

Is this the same young-innocent-kind-looking Shin Chan that I met during Henessy Artistry at Aloha?

*smacks head*


joshuaongys said...

lolx we got bored of each other hahahhaha dun have lar!! =P

i forgot to take pictures.. >< same goes to other people there also, and wen i remember i cant find them already.. swt

and u shud say u love jen's photoshop skills hahaha i love her DSLR too!! hahaha

Copykate said...

yalo so mean of u, never ask me to take pic :( so i stole ur pic and put up ur link. kekeke.

jen always camwhore with her dslr! XD

yapthomas said...

I think I was SMS-ing..

Yes.. its kinda yeah.. SMS-ing..

babychyu said...

hey yea.. luckily u pissed u r looking short ~ if u said u r unhappy with me i will very sad ~ ish ish yeeHA :p
ehh? u know how zan ?
surprising i saw him appear in ur blog ~
i knw him too ~

hikaru said...

haha..he took picture with me pun tak nak take with u..cos u wear hitam n stand at a corner..ppl canot see

Copykate said...

yapthomas, so guai guai shu shu behind there. must have been smsing someone special? XD

Copykate said...

babychyu, nah why would i be unhappy with u? LOL. but i'm jealous of ur height :(((

know how zan through a friend recently =P

Copykate said...

hikaru, u mean joshua ong? u took pic with him? jeez. i know u were wearing white, trying to seek for attention. kekeke

hikaru said...

wear white to seek for attention??...LOL
lainlah if i wear red..hahahaha

Copykate said...

wtfreak. so mean. HAHAHAHAHA

joshuaongys said...

hahahaha red rawks lar... hahaha kate ar kate.. wear red nex time den maybe i'll go ask u take pic hahaha =p

Simon Seow said...

Yeah, Hikaru kacau my pics.

howzan said...

sei gay lou...kekeke

Copykate said...

joshua, HAHAHAHAHAHA u another one.

oh plz, i can already imagine myself wearing a blood red layer dress and having hundreds pairs of eyes staring at me.

i will stick to black, tq XD

Copykate said...

simon, i thought he looked kinda ugly in that pic. can't stand seeing it so i censored a little. teehee

Copykate said...

howzan, LOL ur good gay friend =P