Monday, June 11, 2007

Muar Carnival 2007

Sunday- Muar Carnival

The day I had been waiting for! Kim and I went to Jubli Intan around 9.30a.m. and we were there for the whole day until the programme ended.

When we reached there, the kid’s drawing contest was already carrying on. It reminded me about certain times when I took part in such colouring contest. One thing I could remember clearly was that Wee Guan was always there in every such contest which I took part. There was once when he got Champion and I got 1st runner up. Okay, that was good enough cause I knew that my standard couldn’t possibly be compared to his.

Hotlink, the main sponsor for the Carnival was having their promotion there. Top up RM30 and you get to turn once on the wheel board. Kim was lucky enough to have got herself an extra RM5 top up. 2 claps for her! XD

There were many food stalls in the hall, more or less like CHHS entrepreneur’s day. I bought myself a cotton candy. Yeah, call me childish but I simply love it! As a little girl myself, I love taking photos with the humorous clown, and not forgetting the little rabbit brother which looked rather slim.

10a.m. Cool bikes and antique cars arrived. Wasn’t that like a Mat Rempit show? No wonder the authority kept catching them. They probably sent them to Muar for such function to amuse the people. LOL.

Cute cars with cool speakers. Music blasting loudly as the crowds watched with much interest. Kim sees it as nothing, but it simply catches my eyes.

Kim needs to improve her shooting skills. Haven’t you noticed that the front part of the antique cars are gone in these two pictures? She probably focused too much on the car-show model. Who? Kate lah! XD

Walked to Wetex to buy two cute cartoon bed sheets. Chia Hui appeared out of nowhere to meet Kim. Garn, you should know what happened then. I’ve got nothing much to comment about it. We went to KFC for lunch. He isn’t good at eating chicken as there were still some bits left on the bones. So wasted X(

Kim spotted her friend, Chuang Hwee from Bukit Gambir. Okay, he’s my new friend now. I had heard about him from her. The one who got Petronas Scholarship and will be studying Mechanical Engineering. He’s such a friendly and humorous bloke and I could assure that he’s gonna be the next eligible bachelor. However, he looks rather young, like seriously, years younger than us though he was born in 1989. At first I asked Kim, is he your cousin from HSM? She was like, LOL XD The moment we knew each other, we started chatting and teasing despite the loud music from Halo Café band on the stage. Like what I mentioned earlier in his Friendster comment, he’s never good at posing infronta camera. That will explain why he looked not-so-good with his head high up. Hidung tinggi. Blerkz.

Muar Chinese rockz the world! That afternoon I took a picture with 黄明志. He performed 3raps onstage including his censored Muar Chinese. I assumed some people hadn’t even heard about the name of my hometown, not until he established that song.

As night approached, the hall was soon crowded with Muarians who came to see 林宇中. As he appeared on stage, everyone dashed in front to get a close look at their idol. Lotsa screaming from fans. He sang two songs: 空秋千 and 旋律. Somebody asked where Grouper Maid is so he told us that she’s holiday-ing in Hong Kong. I like him more and more. I’m falling in love with him.宇中我爱你! XD Don’t be stupid. Actually I don’t consider myself his super fans. Okay, I’m so kind, so I’ve decided to let somebody have him instead. Kekeke.

By the way, I met Wan Yung there. Her new hairstyle was simply cool! The one on the newest trend now which I intended to cut. She looks much mature nowadays.

Exhausted but excited over all the happenings. 2a.m. dozed off. There it ended.

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